The race in Slovenia is a potential for cycling tourism

Years ago, the advantages of this form of promotion began to be realized in the tourism-oriented country, and last year also Croatia. The organizers of the Race in Croatia were already starting with the transfer to Eurosport. After this years second successful performance of the Croatian Toure, we talked with Vladimir Miholjevic, who, after a variegated cycling route, already competed as a competitor.

He competed on all three major three-day races and watched closely the developments around him. Today he is one of the few former professionals who, after the end of the competitive career, became the leading member of the organization of such a large cycling event. Now he sincerely acknowledges that he should apologize to many organizers for all the criticisms he has expressed as a cyclist. At the same time, he as an organizer is still well aware of the needs of cyclists and accompanying staff. If they are happy with the organization, they will also record the race in the next years program.

While Croatia is fully aware of the importance of cycling tourism, it seems at first glance that Race in Slovenia in its 23rd performance is at the same point as five years ago. Vladimir Miholjevic honestly told us that Bogdan Fink is a top organizer, but he has problems because he has to reject the biggest teams. Miholjevic adds: "The teams ask me to call him to take them for the race, and I think you should call him before you want to come to our race. «

I have written about tourism several times. Prior to each investment, the investor wants to have a financially supported construction with analysis. 64 million European cyclists are the starting number around which it is now a few years to build a pyramid of cycling tourism, with the federation sport association having to co-operate with the Slovenian Tourism Organization and the Ministry of Economy responsible for tourism. It still does not seem to be at least a rumor about this.