The race in Slovenia is a potential for cycling tourism

Years ago, the advantages of this form of promotion began to be realized in the tourism-oriented country, and last year also Croatia. The organizers of the Race in Croatia were already starting with the transfer to Eurosport. After this years second successful performance of the Croatian Toure, we talked with Vladimir Miholjevic, who, after a variegated cycling route, already competed as a competitor.

He competed on all three major three-day races and watched closely the developments around him. Today he is one of the few former professionals who, after the end of the competitive career, became the leading member of the organization of such a large cycling event. Now he sincerely acknowledges that he should apologize to many organizers for all the criticisms he has expressed as a cyclist. At the same time, he as an organizer is still well aware of the needs of cyclists and accompanying staff. If they are happy with the organization, they will also record the race in the next years program.

While Croatia is fully aware of the importance of cycling tourism, it seems at first glance that Race in Slovenia in its 23rd performance is at the same point as five years ago. Vladimir Miholjevic honestly told us that Bogdan Fink is a top organizer, but he has problems because he has to reject the biggest teams. Miholjevic adds: "The teams ask me to call him to take them for the race, and I think you should call him before you want to come to our race. «

I have written about tourism several times. Prior to each investment, the investor wants to have a financially supported construction with analysis. 64 million European cyclists are the starting number around which it is now a few years to build a pyramid of cycling tourism, with the federation sport association having to co-operate with the Slovenian Tourism Organization and the Ministry of Economy responsible for tourism. It still does not seem to be at least a rumor about this.

Active holidays with a traditional seal: Moravske Toplice with its surroundings

Active holidays with a strong traditional seal

It is true, Prekmurje is the right destination for those who dream of active holidays. Just around Moravske Toplice there are about 200 kilometers of marked paths on which you will not only be well recreated but also learned about the natural and cultural heritage there as well.

In addition to the Sweet Path, we also recommend a 35-km cycling route Rotunda, where you can see the famous Romanesque rotunda in the village of Selo. The unique chapel is supposed to have originated in the first half of the 13th century, during the time of King Andrew II of Hungary.

Otherwise, the surrounding area of Moravske Toplice offers many opportunities for different experiences throughout the year - from thermal tourism to the search for true traditional treasures. For this purpose, they organize a summer tourist market with special ethno evenings throughout the summer.

From Murska Sobota across Goričko

Start is in Murska Sobota, the northernmost city in Slovenia and the center of Pomurje. In the park park is an interesting castle, which is adorned with a fine main portal, and in Victory Square a magnificent monument to the joint struggle of Yugoslav and Soviet nations in World War II.

We drive the pedals towards Černelavci, where we turn right for Polana. We drive through the villages Predanovci, Brezovci and Lemerje, where we turn right - a signpost for Grad you (we drive on the main road). The path leads us past Zenkovec and arrive in Bodonce after a steep slope. Followed by the Radovci and after some climbs we are at the Castle in Goričko (sometimes the village called Gornja Lendava). We recommend viewing a castle standing on the steep hill pier. It is the largest castle complex in Slovenia and is first mentioned in 1214. Today, the castle is being renovated and is under the auspices of the European Phare program.

From the top of the city we descend downwards and we will pass through you - towards Kuzma. In Kuzma we pass past the Gaberšek inn and drive right for Trdkova. To the left of the border crossing, at the height of 388m above the village Trdkova you can see the junction of three borders (Slovenia, Austria and Hungary). The forest learning path is also interesting. We continue to the Martinja.

We drive from Martina to Geneva, where the memorial is marked on the year 1934 when the stratospheric balloon landed in this place (this attraction is found on the lower road (follow the board and turn right down). We can continue this road down towards Šulinci. Gornje Petrovce, where you can see the once visited most visited excursion point - Pindza, one of the marked points of the European footpath and the Pomurje transversal. Take the hill downhill and turn right at the main crossroads in Gornji Petrovci to the main road (easier way) and we drive along the long and fairly flat road through Mačkovci, all the way to Nemčavec and Murska Sobota (20 km long road).

The second option is a busy line, which is partly along the wine tourist road with a beautiful view of Murska Sobota. At the aforementioned intersection we head straight towards the Križevci. In Križevci we pass past the church and continue towards Panovec. The next village is Kančevci, famous for its spiritual center. The path continues in the direction of Ivanovec (stick to the right). In Ivanovci, which are in the heart of Goričko, the Vineyard Center Goričko (on the line we marked it with the abbreviation VCG). We continue on the wine road and arrive in Sebeborce. We continue on past the inn Marič and lead to Martjanec, where we enter the main road (turn right), which would come if you would choose a more variant. The goal is in Murska Sobota. Source: Timmlin